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422 Weaver Avenue

The "Commandant's House" is a 12,587 square foot, three story brick building. A large and expansive structure, this single family dwelling was constructed in 1909 at a cost of $25,402 and designated as the Commanding General's quarters. There are only two others in the United States of similar "southern style" columnar fashion. One is at Fort Monroe, Virginia and the other at Warren Air Force Base, Wyoming. The enclosed front sun porch is exlusive to this Fort Totten home, as the other two do not share that addition. The living room, dining room and master bedroom have three of the four remaining and ornate fireplaces. The original large hearth in the reception hall has been removed. Although each area and room has its own story and charm, one of the most impressive is the wooden paneled library with its own entrance. The- carved corner fireplace, surrounded by fthe soft patina of aged wood, brings to mind a time and period of Victorian grace. The center balcony over the double door entrance served the resident commander a perfect panorama of the Parade Ground as he reviewed the troops.

excerpt from

"Quarters at Fort Totten Willets Point", Researched by Leitha Bowles.

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